Annual General Meeting

The Northwest Warriors' 2023 AGM will be held on Thursday, June 8 at the Collingwood Hall- Triwood Community Centre starting at 7:00pm.

Meeting agenda:

  • Scrutineer’s Confirmation of Quorum
  • President’s Report: Recap of the key events undertaken by the board in the 2022/23 season
  • Treasurer’s Report: Presentation of Financial Report
  • Directors for Election: Introductions
  • Question Period
  • Voting Period: to Approve Directors and Auditor

Who is eligible to vote?  Any member; defined as every Parent who has paid all fee obligations with registration to play hockey with the NWW Society, and members admitted by the board, including the Principal Community Association representatives.  Each member gets one vote.

All voting members must check in with the meeting registrar, who will confirm membership and the establishment of quorum.  Quorum at a general meeting shall be at least 20 Members.  Resolutions proposed at the AGM will be passed by a majority (50%+1) of voting members in attendance.

You MUST REGISTER to vote!

Please help us to prepare by registering in advance or assigning your proxy by completing this form:



2023-2024 Election Slate

President's Year in Summary

Treasurer's Report

NWW By-laws


Followed by NWW Volunteer Appreciation Event

The Northwest Warriors board invites all volunteers to remain with us following the completion of AGM business.  Our hockey program could not happen without the countless hours of volunteer effort, and we want to show our appreciation.  This will be a great opportunity to spend time with other NWW families that support our community hockey program.  We hope you can join us for some drinks and socializing.

There are numerous planning and preparation activities that take place during the summer months.  If you are interested in learning more, please visit our volunteers page.


The Northwest Warriors Hockey Association’s story began in 2012 when the Westwood Warriors and the Crowchild Blackhawks hockey programs merged.  The two associations worked in partnership for 8 seasons before officially amalgamating to become the Northwest Warriors Hockey Association in 2021.

Northwest Warriors exist to provide an enjoyable, rewarding hockey experience to participants where they can develop a strong sense of community while growing socially, physically and emotionally.


Northwest Warriors exist to provide an enjoyable, rewarding hockey experience to participants where they can develop a strong sense of community while growing socially, physically, and emotionally.

The Northwest Warriors will continuously strive to achieve both individual and team success while delivering a hockey experience that is safe, fair, and stimulating, is delivered in a respectful environment, and balances the following core values:

  • the Participant – provide individuals with experiences that allow them to enjoy the game while developing personally in an environment free of bias, discrimination, harassment, or abuse
  • the Team – foster commitment to a group by working, learning, and achieving together
  • the Game of Hockey – teach and develop skills suitable for participation and to maximize enjoyment and appreciation of the game.


The Northwest Warriors Hockey Association is comprised of 6 principal communities:

  • Scenic Acres
  • Silver Springs
  • Varsity (Varsity Village & University District)
  • Brentwood
  • Triwood
  • West Hillhurst

The areas of Calgary included within the boundaries of the Northwest Warriors are broken down by the constituent communities:

Brentwood and Edgemont

Banff Trail, Charleswood, Collingwood, Triwood and University Heights (also includes the University of Calgary Campus)

West Hillhurst:
Hillhurst/Sunnyside, Hounsfield Heights/Briar Hill, Parkdale, St. Andrews, Capital Hill and West Hillhurst

Scenic Acres, Silver Springs, Varsity (Varsity, Varsity Estates, Varsity Village, University District & University Residence)


Northwest Warriors Executive Members

Position Volunteer Email
President Sean David chair@nwwarriorshockey.com 
Past-President Janis Rogers pastchair@nwwarriorshockey.com 
Vice President, Governance & Compliance Mark McVicar vicechairgov@nwwarriorshockey.com 
Vice President, Operations Brian Sartison vicechairops@nwwarriorshockey.com 
Secretary Andrea Trainor secretary@nwwarriorshockey.com 
Treasurer Sean McAndrews treasurer@nwwarriorshockey.com 
Evaluations & Team Formation Brian McKenzie evalsdir@nwwarriorshockey.com 
Volunteer Recruitment Dianne Liwanag volunteer@nwwarriorshockey.com
Community Liaison Brad Logel commliaison@nwwarriorshockey.com

Manager of Hockey Operations      Matt Hunter        admin@nwwarriorshockey.com

Registrar     Jodi Willcocks     registrar@nwwarriorshockey.com


Events Coordinator
COVID and Health Advisor
Team Equipment, Jerseys and Supplies Coordinator equipment@nwwarriorshockey.com
Goalie Equipment Coordinator goaliecoordinator@nwwarriorshockey.com
Team Photos Coordinator teamphotos@nwwarriorshockey.com
Georgie Bamber U7 Tournament of Champions Lead gbtournament@nwwarriorshockey.com
Volunteer Recognition Coordinator


Communications Lead communications@nwwarriorshockey.com
Communications Support: Website and IT
Communications Support: Social Media


Evaluations and Team Formation Leads evalsupport@nwwarriorshockey.com
U7 Evaluations Lead
U7 Evaluations Admin Coordinator u7coordinator@nwwarriorshockey.com
U9 Evaluations Lead
U9 Evaluations Admin Coordinator u9coordinator@nwwarriorshockey.com
U11 Evaluations Lead
U11 Evaluations Admin Coordinator u11coordinator@nwwarriorshockey.com
U11 Goalie Evaluations Coordinator goaliecoordinator@nwwarriorshockey.com
U13 Evaluations Lead
U13 Evaluations Admin Coordinator u13coordinaor@nwwarriorshockey.com
U13 Goalie Evaluations Coordinator goaliecoordinator@nwwarriorshockey.com
U15 Evaluations Lead
U15 Evaluations Admin Coordinator u15coordinator@nwwarriorshockey.com
U15 Goalie Evaluations Coordinator goaliecoordinator@nwwarriorshockey.com
U18 Evaluations Lead
U18 Evaluations Admin Coordinator u18coordinator@nwwarriorshockey.com
U18 Goalie Evaluations Coordinator goaliecoordinator@nwwarriorshockey.com

Programs and Development

Coach Selection and Development Mentors coachdir@nwwarriorshockey.com
Player Development Program Coordinators
Junior Program Lead (U7, U8, U11)
Senior Program Lead (U13, U15, U18)

Game and Conduct

Game and Conduct Lead gameandconduct@nwwarriorshockey.com
Game and Conduct Committee Members




T3L 1L4


All inquiries can be directed to : admin@nwwarriorshockey.com