The 2020-2021 season will be North West House League’s sixth year.  Our past five years have been a success and it was determined that there is a considerable amount of interest for this stream of hockey.   It is a viable option for many families, but note that if your child is new to hockey, house league or community (NWW) hockey are suitable choices.  Players are to choose one program only.

The House League Program will be offered in addition to the traditional community/NWW Hockey for U9 (Novice - born 2012 & 2013), U11 (Atom - born 2010 & 2011) and U13 (PeeWee - born 2008 & 2009) aged players.


 Some of the highlights for House League include:

  • Two ice times per week. This will typically include one practice and one game per week once the game/regular season commences.  The Schedule is tentatively set as below:
  • U9 (Novice)  ice times will be Sunday morning games and practices during the week (3 out of 4 on Friday evenings and 1 out of 4 on Thursday evening - subject to registration numbers).
  • U11 (Atom)  ice times will be Saturday morning games and the practices will be Wednesday or Thursday (1 out of 4) evenings.
  • U13 (PeeWee) ice times will be Saturday afternoon games and the practices will be Thursday evenings.  
  • Evaluations will consist of 3 ice times in September.  Once complete, our House League Coordinators will make their best efforts to create balanced teams.
  • Teams will practice in early October.  The regular schedule will commence in mid-October and end in early March with a break at late November.  Our target is to have 35 to 40 ice times scheduled per player.
  • Ice times will be scheduled at the Crowchild Twin Arena in Scenic Acres and West Hillhurst Arena.
  • No fundraising is allowed. The purchasing of ice for additional practices, exhibition games, and tournaments is not permitted.
  • Due to the challenges of forming balanced teams and coach placement, friend requests will be considered but are not guaranteed.  


Some of the differences between the House Leagues and Community (NWW) Hockey include:

  • House League offers a set schedule for the hockey season.
  • With Community Hockey, players are evaluated to teams with players of similar abilities.  Community teams are scheduled for two to three ice times per week, which vary from week to week. House League teams are balanced with all skill levels on each team, and schedules are set.
  • House teams will NOT be sanctioned to play in any tournaments (in Calgary or outside of Calgary) or exhibition games.
  • There will be NO cash calls/fund raising requirement, which is a part of the Community Hockey experience.
  • Hockey fees for the House League are less than the Community Hockey fees mainly due to the different ice requirements between the two streams.  The 2020-2021 House League registration fee will be $725 + $20 community user fee.


  • The NW House League will consist of 8 Novice teams , 8 Atom teams and 4 PeeWee teams.  Maximum team size is 18. We will wait-list players after these limits have been reached.
  • Ice times will be 60 minutes in length, and for Peewee games 75 mins.
  • Goalie rotation will be encouraged in Novice and Novice teams are provided with equipment.  Atom and PeeWee teams will have two designated goalie on a team (where available) with their own equipment where registration permits.
  • Players will keep their game jersey at the end of the season.
  • Players are to wear their team jersey for their practice ice times.  Full equipment is needed including mouth guards.
  • Jerseys, socks, team and individual photo memory mate are included in the registration fees.
  • Games will follow all Hockey Calgary Rules and games will adhere to the Fair Play Code.
  • One parent in each household must take the “Parent Respect In Sport” (RIS) online Course.* See below for more info.  The RIS course now has a Four year expiry. Those parents that took this course previous to 2015 will have to recertify prior to registration.
  • Coaching requirements for all House League teams can be found on our website. Information can be found on our website under the Coach tab. [Requirements may include:   Respect In Sport – Coach Program (online), Safety program (online), Coach Stream, or equivalent (online and classroom/on-ice).  Coach certifications fees are reimbursed by the Northwest Warriors Hockey.
  • Coaching selection will be managed by House League Coordinators.  If you are interested in coaching on your child’s team, please indicate by using the following link and complete the House League Coaching Application for the specific age group you are interested in:

NOTE: This Coaching application form will load in a separate tab.


  • The NW House League is supported by The Calgary Flames, Northwest Warriors Hockey and Hockey Calgary.

  • Volunteering is required from all parents.  All HL teams require Coaches, a Team Manager, Score Keepers, and Time Keepers, as well as other various team positions.

  • Coach development for both House and Community Hockey teams are the same.

  • Space is limited for the House League while there are currently no space restrictions for Community (NWW) Hockey.    


New this season; we are offering two payment options for to our families.  They will both appear in the checkout portion of your online registration.  The first is a full payment option, and the second is a staggered plan.

**Please note that we are moving ahead with our intended program but under the ever evolving COVID-19 situation, changes may happen.  We will update you as we move closer to the start of the season with confirmed information.  Stay well and healthy!


Registration will begin on July 1st, 2020.  The registration tab can be found at the bottom of this page.

*If you are new to hockey, you must first take the Parent “Respect In Sport” online course before you can register, i.e. get access to use the Hockey Canada Registry.   The fee for this course is $12.60.

This is the link:    

The $12.60 is not reimbursed by our Association and we do not have a ‘code’.    

Please select the Northwest Warriors as your association.  This will ensure you are able to register with us.  Players are only able to participate in one league for the hockey season. Players may change leagues between seasons only.

*Please note that all House League families are required to purchase a community membership from the community you fall under.  However, you are not required to complete any of the volunteer commitments from them, as this program is excluded.  

    • Brentwood & Edgemont Families – require a Brentwood Membership
    • Scenic Acres Families – require a Scenic Acres Membership
    • Silver Springs Families – require a Silver Springs Membership
    • TriwoodCharleswoodCollingwoodUniversity HeightsUniversity of Calgary Residence and Banff Trail families – require a Triwood Membership
      • Triwood: Community membership
      • Once your membership is purchased you can use the link at the bottom of this page to complete your hockey registration
    • Varsity Families (including the University District) – require a Varsity Membership
    • Capitol HillHillhurstHounsfield HeightsBriar HillParkdaleSt. Andrews HeightsSunnyside and West HillhurstFamilies – require a West Hillhurst Membership

Should you have any questions regarding this program, please contact:



100% before evaluations

75% before player placement

50% after placement until prior to the season beginning (Oct 24)

No refunds after October 24 unless in the case of a medical situation
Players and goalies evaluated and released due to insufficient space in our program will not be assessed any fees.

$30 non-refundable administration fee will be assessed on all registrations, regardless of cancellation date