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Game and Conduct Committee

Our mission is to provide an enjoyable, rewarding hockey experience for all participants.  Parents, coaches, spectators and players are welcome to email for any questions or concerns.


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Northwest Warriors Mission Statement & Priorities
Northwest Warriors exists to provide a hockey program where participants develop a strong
sense of community while growing socially, physically, intellectually, ethically, and emotionally.
This mission is achieved by working towards individual and team successes in a safe, fair,
stimulating, and respectful environment while observing a suitable balance of the following
• The Participant – Provide individuals with coaching and experiences that allow
them to develop personally.
• The Team – Foster commitment to a group through opportunities for working
and achieving together.
• The Game of Hockey – Teach and develop the abilities necessary to participate
and succeed in playing hockey.

Northwest Hockey Program views the Game and Conduct Program as support and confirmation
to the many excellent volunteers, coaches, officials and parents who are in the majority and
who have always practiced and subscribed to the fundamental principles of fun, respect and
positive development of the Game. We see this program as a vehicle to assist them to further
these values and make the Game even better and more enjoyable.

To provide a Game and Conduct program which plays a positive significant role in the
development of a participant’s social, physical, intellectual, ethical, and emotional growth.
To promote acceptable conduct which provides:
• Respect for persons;
• Protection from harm;
• Development of ethical conduct towards others;
• Notions of justice, fairness, equality;
• Caring attitudes;
• Freedom to enjoy, to flourish, and
• Respect for the game.

It is a must that every participant abides by these principles. A participant is defined as (but not
limited to) a player, coach, official, or spectator. This program is not intended to be a new
process for complaints about officiating or general hockey rules. The objective is to promote
and ensure acceptable behaviour.

Unacceptable Behaviour - Definition
An individual is displaying unacceptable behaviour if they are verbally or physically harassing
and/or abusing a game participant (player, coach, spectator or official). When there is a
situation of "unacceptable behaviour", the responsibilities of the Northwest Hockey program,
coaches, spectators and on-ice officials are set out herein. The focus is on achieving the
program objectives. Confrontation should be avoided and reporting and documentation is
encouraged, as it is an important step in attaining the objective.
For further clarification on unacceptable behaviour, refer to Appendix A.

Terms of Reference
Northwest Warriors operates under Hockey Calgary which operates under the rules of Hockey
Alberta and Hockey Canada. Each level of hockey (National – Provincial – Regional –
Community) has the authority to implement rules and regulations; subsidiary organizations can
establish parameters that are a strengthening of the rules that are mandated by a higher level
of authority. Below is a list of the types of regulations that affect Northwest Hockey Program.
• Hockey Canada Rule Book
• Hockey Canada By-laws & Regulations
• Hockey Alberta By-laws & Regulations
• Hockey Calgary Operations Manual
• Hockey Calgary Regulations & Bylaws
• NWW Policies

NWW Game & Conduct Program exists to assist the Association and its members in
understanding expectations related to individuals conduct on and off the ice, as well as
applicable rules and regulations. The Game & Conduct Committee carries out its tasks in
accordance with the NWW Game & Conduct Policy and is responsible for reviews and
recommendations regarding that document and these terms of reference.
This Committee will assist the Association and its members in dealing with incidents or issues
that contravene Northwest Hockey Program regulations, and where necessary aid the
Association in determining remedies to situations or consequences for violations. This
Committee is also available to assist members and represent the Association on incidents that
fall under the jurisdiction of an authority higher than Northwest Hockey Program.

Governing Documents
In addition to the terms of reference noted above, the Game & Conduct Committee uses the
Hockey Canada Fair Play Code and the Northwest Hockey Program’s Code of Conduct Pledge
forms as their governing documents. The Northwest Hockey Program’s Code of Conduct pledge
forms provide the foundation and accountability of the membership when enforcing a sanction
becomes a reality. This pledge is viewed as a contract between the participant and the
Association and will be used as a basis for incident review.

All program participants are subject to the consequences for unacceptable behaviour as the
Conduct Management Program policy is part of the Bylaws of the Crowchild and Westwood
Hockey Associations and must be followed as a condition of program membership.
Current pledge forms include:
• Northwest Hockey Program “Parents Pledge”
• Northwest Hockey Program “Players Pledge”
• Northwest Hockey Program “Coaches Pledge”

Group Composition
The NWW Game & Conduct Committee will be made up by no less than 3 members appointed
by the NWW Operations Council who then designate that this group shall deal with Game and
Conduct issues. Committee members shall be familiar with all current policies, rules and
regulations from all levels of the hockey authority ladder.

There will be a group of additional ad-hoc hearing participants, approved by the Northwest
Hockey Program Operations Council, who will be available to participate in reviewing and
conducting hearings in situations where sitting committee member(s) are in a conflict of
interest position which may present an opportunity for bias.

Relevant Issues or Incidents
Any situations arising from the actions of an individual participant or volunteer of NWW, team
and/or person(s) is present at an event as a representative of the Northwest Warriors. Such
events could include but are not limited to practices, games, tournaments, team events or

The Northwest Warriors Hockey Program Fair Ice Policy addresses the scope of disciplinary action allowed
by any particular teams’ coaching staff. Depending on the severity or frequency of the
incident(s), team officials shall engage the Game & Conduct Committee in accordance with the
Severity of Discipline table.  Appendix B

The Game & Conduct Committee scope is intended to cover those incidents that are outside of
official Hockey Calgary sanctions. This committee would not review incidents that are being
handled at the Hockey Calgary level unless a complaint or request for review was received.
Please be aware additional Game & Conduct review will not reduce sanctions levied by higher
authority, such as Hockey Calgary.

This Committee will determine if the situation is an issue or incident relevant to the NWW
Game and Conduct Policy or relevant to rules and regulations of our governing bodies.

If an issue or incident is deemed to be relevant to policy, rules or regulations, then the Game
and Conduct Committee will initiate the procedure as outlined in the Game and Conduct Policy.

Implementation Trigger
The reporting of unacceptable behaviour by a director, spectator, coach, player or official is the
triggering event of the complaint handling procedure.
This reporting process will govern the person(s) responsible for investigating the complaint. The
methods of enforcement will vary dependent on the severity of the event.

Reporting Process
If an incident occurs which meets the definition of unacceptable behaviour and in the opinion
of a player, spectator, coach, official or administrator, is serious enough to warrant a formal
complaint, then an Incident Report Form (Appendix A) shall be completed and submitted to the
Game and Conduct Committee.

The Incident Report Form or incident notification will be received by the Game & Conduct
Committee for the review and action. This group can be contacted via email at

At the beginning of each season, the board will revisit the Committee composition to ensure
that game and conduct Committee emails are being appropriately directed. Likewise, the
active date ranges of the online reporting forms must be updated each season, and previous
season’s data migrated in accordance with the Records Management Policy.

Responsible Reporters
If in the opinion of a participant, as defined above, an individual is verbally or physically
harassing or abusing a participant (coach, player, official, or spectator), an incident report form
could be completed or notification given to the Team Officials, who then have the discretion to
forward to the Game & Conduct Committee for review. This will trigger the complaint handling

Complaint Handling Process
Once a complaint has been received, the process for handling complaints shall have 6 stages:
1. Acknowledgement
2. Investigation
3. Due process
4. Sanctions/Enforcement
5. Due Process – the right to appeal
6. Documentation

1. Acknowledgement
All complaints shall be reviewed by the Game & Conduct Committee. The decision of the
committee to advance or not advance investigation will then be reported back to the initiator
of the complaint and/or the Team Official who reported the incident.

2. Investigation
Should an investigation be deemed necessary, then and investigation will be undertaken by the
Game and Conduct Committee. The committee will make every effort to ensure that the
committee members be independent in the sense that they are reasonably removed from the
situation so as to avoid bias.
The investigation will be completed thoroughly, including collection of statements, interviews
with the complainant, the subject (s), and witnesses. Interviews will be documented.
Collected witness statements will be reviewed for their relevance to the incident under
Once the investigation has been completed, the Game and Conduct committee will then decide
if there is enough information to move ahead with sanctions. Should there be need for
clarification, or a specific request is received, then the committee will schedule a due process

3. Due Process
Individuals named in any complaint, where investigation is deemed necessary, will have the
right to due process. They have the right to be notified of the investigation and given the
opportunity to defend their position.

4. Sanctions/Enforcement
After investigation, Game & Conduct Committee shall have the power to suspend summarily
any player, coach, trainer, manager, official or spectator of any team under the auspices of NW
Warriors for any conduct on or off the ice which in the discretion of the Game and Conduct
Committee and Executive Committee is deemed to be unbecoming or detrimental to the game.
A suspended individual shall not attend games during the suspension period.
Should a suspended player be unable to serve the full term of their sanction due to the end of
the season, then sanctions will carry over to next season.

5. Appeal Process
Upon receiving a request for an appeal, the Game and Conduct Committee will hear any
appeals related to the discipline or actions undertaken as a result of the outcome of an
investigation. Appeals should be heard as soon as is practical (within 7 days). The appeal must
contain a clear and concise summary of the grounds for the appeal.

Notice of the appeal must be submitted to the Game & Conduct Committee within five (5) days
from the date of notification of discipline.
Request for appeals must be accompanied by a cash payment or certified cheque (nonrefundable)
in the amount of $50.00 payable to Crowchild Hockey.
In order to provide a fair appeal process, the Committee members who were involved in the
levy of sanctions shall not run the appeal meeting. An independent group comprised of the
Presidents of Crowchild Hockey and Westwood Hockey Associations, and another operations
council member of their choosing shall be responsible for the final decision.

6. Documentation
Team officials are responsible to notify the Game & Conduct Committee when sanctions levied
by the committee have been completed and return to play requirements have been met to the
satisfaction of the team.