As part of our the volunteer screening process for the Northwest Warriors, each bench staff, or on ice volunteer is required to complete a police check with Calgary Police Service.  This is a simple online process with the CPS ePIC (electronic Police Information Check) site.

If you are unsure if your Police Check is still valid with Hockey Canada, you can log into your Spordle/Hockey Canada account to see when you will need to renew it.  If it is not listed with your other qualifications it has not been shared with the NWW or has yet to be updated.  Please email the admin for support:

If you have a valid check with another agency and your police check is still in the  ePIC system, you can simply "share" with NWW through the ePIC system.

If you have a hard copy of a valid check, you may scan and send it to our administrator.

The letter you will need verifying that you are volunteering with our association can be found in the link below.

How to complete the police check:

  • Go to the CPS ePic website: click the red button below!
  • Scroll down and select: "Perform Personal Police Information Check" (green button)
  • Review the checklist and make sure that you have all necessary documents
    • make sure that you have a completed volunteer letter ready to upload!
  • Complete the short survey" make sure to select 'Volunteer' as your reason for application
  • It will ask you which agency you are applying for, make sure to select: Crowchild Hockey Association
  • When it asks which type of check you need select: 'Vulnerable Sector'