Please note that your Community memberships MUST BE renewed/purchased. This is a requirement to complete the registration process. Please see below to your respective community section for information on the community fee's.

Please remember to use a parent's email address for each child's registration. This is the address that will be used to send important information to: Receipts, Evaluation Schedules, Changes, Updates and so on. If you use a child's email address, you will miss out!

**Below are the details of our intended programs.  Please note that due to the ever evolving COVID-19 situation, they may change.  As we get closer to the start of our season, our Age Group Coordinators will be in touch with our registered families to confirm procedures.  Stay well and healthy.

The Timbits U7 Hockey program is for players age 5 and 6 years old.  Our program starts with evaluations in mid-September and runs until the end of February.  Teams are determined through 3 evaluation sessions in September; players are then placed on evenly skilled teams comprised of both first and second year players.  The ice times will be once during the week and once on the weekend (game day) - dates to be determined once registration is complete. Player Development will be part of our on ice sessions.  Full hockey equipment is required. Game jerseys will be distributed once teams have been confirmed.

U9 (formerly Novice) (Development Level)
U9, is a league in which players, coaches, parents, and officials development and education are at the forefront with a main goal of increasing player's skills and love for the game of hockey.  The season will begin with evaluations in early September with teams being set by late September. Further evaluation information can be found on our website.

U11 (Atom) to U13 (PEEWEE) DIVISIONS:
All players in the age groups of U11 to U13 will begin evaluations in September.  Game play will be assessed to place the player on a team with those with similar ability.  Further evaluation information and list of required hockey equipment can be found on our website.  Teams will be set by the end of September.

U15 (Bantam) to U18 (Midget):
Evaluations for this age group will begin mid September and teams will be finalized in October.  

Players aged U11 and higher can indicate their preference to play goal and will be evaluated as such (full goalie gear is required).  We will make every effort to accommodate all goaltenders, though we cannot guarantee your child will play this position within our Association.  The number of teams established in the division will determine the number of goalies required.

**HYBRID GOALIE POSITION - Please Read   - for further information contact the Goalie Coordinator(s) (see evaluations tab)

Financial Assistance:

Financial assistance is available from the Flames Even Strength Program (FESP).  The application can be found online using the link:  here

Other Hockey Associations:

A/AA/AAA U18 and AA/AAA U15
Community Specific Registration and
(please refer to the Hockey Calgary website to find out which one you would register with - )


Quadrant Hockey
Players trying out for quadrant hockey must register directly with the Northwest Athletic Association and Northstars Hockey  Association. These players must also register with Northwest Warriors to secure a spot in community should they return.  A post-dated cheque can be forwarded to 185 Scenic Acres Dr. NW T3L 1L4, and made payable to Crowchild Hockey.  All cheques must be received prior to September 1st in order to hold your spot.  It is the player/parent's responsibility to inform NWW that they have made a quadrant  team. Please email with this information.

Quadrant Hockey Tryouts - if your child is trying out for quadrant hockey this season, you will still need to have them registered at the community level. Simply complete your registration online using the quadrant tryout packages for U18 or U15. You will also need to mail or drop of a post-dated cheque (Sept 15) for the full registration fee (fees can be found below; please include the Facility User Fee of  $20 in your total) payable to Crowchild Hockey. This will secure a spot in evaluations for them. If your child is successful in their efforts at Quadrant we will shred the cheque and delete the registration. If they return to community we will add them to the evaluation schedule. All post-dated cheques must be received prior to August 15 to complete the registration process.  Your child is not registered until the cheque is received.  Further inquiries can be directed to the above email address. Good luck!


Recreation League (Hockey Calgary) -

This non-contact league is for player's age 11 to 20 years.  Questions can be directed to RECREATIONAL HOCKEY CALGARY at 403-245-5773, email  Note that in the past two seasons, this league has filled up by early June.

Girls Hockey Calgary -  

Contact Girls Hockey Calgary directly at 403-278-9223. 


Respect In Sport Course

Special Note for 1st Time Hockey Families or New to Northwest Hockey Families:
Every family is responsible for completing the Respect In Sport course. If you have not done so please click on the link and complete it: Click here
(remember to link your certificate number to your child under the management tab)

**Please Select the Northwest Warriors Association as your home Association - it is in the "N" section!!!!


RIS Re-Certification

New this season – all families who completed their RIS course prior to 2015 will now be required to recertify it.  Please review the information on our website to help you complete this by using this link: Click here


New this season; we are offering two payment options for to our families.  They will both appear in the checkout portion of your online registration.  The first is a full payment option, and the second is a staggered plan.

There are a few steps that need to be completed prior to your hockey registration.

  1. The first is to ensure you have an up to date Parent Respect In Sport certificate. If you are unsure, you can log into your profile and check (click here).
  2. The second part is to purchase or renew a community membership, and volunteer bond where applicable, from one of our six facility communities. Please see below for the one that your community falls under (Please note that some of our community's have volunteer requirements.  They are considered part of our registration process, and must be completed in order to finalize your child's registration with us).

**Community Volunteer Requirements are part of our Registration Process, and must be completed before players can access the ice**

    • Brentwood & Edgemont Families – require a Brentwood Membership
    • Scenic Acres Families – require a Scenic Acres Membership
    • Silver Springs Families – require a Silver Springs Membership
    • Triwood, Charleswood, Collingwood, University Heights, University of Calgary Residence and Banff Trail families – require a Triwood Membership
      • Triwood: Community membership 
      • Once your community membership and Volunteer Bond are purchased, you can use the link at the bottom of the page to complete your hockey registration
    • Varsity Families (Including the University District) – require a Varsity Membership
    • Capitol HillHillhurstHounsfield HeightsBriar HillParkdaleSt. Andrews HeightsSunnyside and West Hillhurst Families – require a West Hillhurst Membership
      • Community Membership -
      • For the 2020/21 hockey season, West Hillhurst Community Association is looking for 20 volunteers to help out at their casino. The tentative date will be during the first quarter of 2021. Volunteers maybe eligible to receive up to $250 each. Email to get your name on the volunteer list.  West Hillhurst Community Association will not require individual families to pay a volunteer bond for the 2020/21 hockey season.

A reminder that your community memberships and community volunteer requirements (if applicable) are requirements to complete your hockey registration!

Once you have confirmed and completed these steps, then you are ready to register your child for Hockey!  Please note that these 2 steps must be complete, or your child is not registered and can't take part in evaluations.


Division Year of Birth  


(July 1-Aug 15)
Timbits U7  2014/15  $760
U9 (Novice)  2012/13  $930
U11 (Atom)  20010/11  $1035
U13 (PeeWee)  2008/09  $1080
U15 (Bantam)  2006/07  $1080
U18 (Midget)  2003/05  $1050

The Facility User Fee ($20) will be added to all fees above at the time of checkout in our online system.


100% before evaluations

75% before player placement

50% after placement prior to the season beginning (Before Oct 24)

No refunds after October 23 unless in the case of a medical situation
Players and goalies evaluated and released due to insufficient space in our program will not be assessed any fees.

$30 non-refundable administration fee will be assessed on all registrations, regardless of cancellation date




This is available through Flames Even Strength Program.  For more information please use this link:  click here  The deadline for submission September 1/20 at the community level.

Registrants will not be allowed on the ice until all outstanding fees and charges have been paid.

Payment may be made by credit card only. Please email if credit card payment is not possible.