If you are looking to coach for the upcoming 2018 - 2019 hockey season, please complete the online Coaching Application Form.  Coaches that DO NOT complete the application form by the deadline date (September 10, 2018), may miss out on the opportunity to coach.


    What you will need before you get started:


    Hockey Canada ID number

    Coach Qualifications information:

    • Coach Respect In Sport (SpeakOut has now expired - you will need the RIS Coach Course )
    • Police Information Check - valid for only 3 years (new to 2018-2019)
    • Safety - valid for only 3 years
    • C.A.T.T. Concussion certificate
    • Coach Level 1 or 2
    • Development Level 1 (where applicable)
    • Checking (where applicable)

    If you do not have this information available, please login to eHockey, to view/retrieve your Hockey Canada ID number and hockey certification information.  If you have any difficulties retrieving your information, please feel free to contact our registrars for assistance.


    First Name

    Last Name




    Preferred Coaching Position

    IF you have more than one child in the NWW, are you requesting to coach on more than one team?

    [radio*IFyouhavemorethanonechildinMcKnightareyourequestingtocoachonmorethanoneteam default:1 "Yes" "No" "ONLY if needed"]

    Division Availability (please choose ALL that apply)

    TimbitsNoviceAtomPeeWeeBantamMidgetJunior CNovice House LeagueAtom House League

    Do you have a preference? Please provide details.

    Hockey Canada ID Number (eHOCKEY).

    What are your current Coaching Qualifications? (Please choose All that apply)

    Respect In Sport - CoachPolice Information CheckHockey Canada Safety ProgramConcussion Awareness Training ToolCoach Level 1Coach Level 2Coach Instructional Stream - CheckingDevelopment 1Development 2High Performance 1High Performance 2Other NCCP Certification - NOT LISTED

    Additional Hockey Certification (Not Listed)

    Other Certifications (from other sports)

    Coaching Experience (years coaching)

    NWW Coaching Experience (please choose ALL that apply)

    NoneTimbits - HeadTimbits - AssistantNovice - HeadNovice - AssistantAtom - HeadAtom - AssistantNovice/Atom House - HeadNovice/Atom House - AssistantPeeWee - HeadPeeWee - AssistantBantam - HeadBantam - AssistantMidget - HeadMidget - AssistantJunior C - HeadJunior C - AssistantGoalie Coach

    Other Hockey Coaching Experience (Years/level/position/association/etc.)

    How many years have you played hockey?

    Playing Experience (Please choose all that apply

    PeeWee - CommunityPeeWee - Rep (AA/AAA)Bantam - CommunityBantam - Quadrant (AA/AAA)Midget - CommunityMidget - Quadrant (AA/AAA)Junior C - CommunityJunior B - QuadrantJunior AMajor Junior, College and AboveOther...NOT LISTEDNone

    What is your Coaching Philosophy? (elaborate, this is heavily weighted)

    Please provide 2 references (parent or coach) - Name and phone number each

    Please use this area for any additional information that may assist you in being selected as a coach with McKnight

    I acknowledge that it is mandatory to wear a helmet while participating in any on-ice activities. Failure to do so will be subject to penalties or sanctions.

    I acknowledge that there is a Mandatory Coaches meeting in October and I will make every effort to attend should I be granted a coaching position.

    I acknowledge that my personal information my be used by the Northwest Warriors during the coach selection process and throughout the season should I be selected.