Jersey Policy

Official Jersey

Only official NW Warriors jerseys can be worn for NW Warriors teams participating in games in any jurisdiction - whether exhibition, tournament, league, playoffs or provincials. NW Warriors, Westwood, and Crowchild jerseys are all official jerseys of NW Warriors. The authorized source of Official NW Warriors jerseys is the Association.

The NW Warriors jersey is based on the Columbus Blue Jackets standard white or navy jersey. Until such time that we have a full inventory of the NW Warriors jerseys, teams may be provided with either a traditional Westwood or Crowchild jersey set.

Cresting Specs for the NW Warriors jersey

10” NW Warriors logo on the front
12” numbering on the back
4” numbering on sleeves
3” Hockey Calgary “RESPECT” sign on the back immediately below collar
Sponsor logo can go within a 4” diameter on the front right side chest area. The sponsor name can also be shown in 3” high text on the back of the jersey at the bottom centred under the numbers and no wider than 16”, either white or navy only depending on the jersey colour.

Association teams will be provided with a dark set of official jerseys and a light set of official jerseys. Teams will receive a quantity of jerseys that corresponds with its roster size. Each Team is required to provide payment of its Jersey and Equipment Deposit in order to receive its jersey sets. In the event that a jersey(s) from these sets sustains damage or is lost, the team deposit will be deducted by the amount pre-described in the equipment policy. This may result in the entire deposit being forfeited in some cases.

Sizing & Numbering

All NW Warriors jerseys will be purchased according to sizing and numbering as determined by the Association. This allows for easier inventory management as jerseys become damaged or worn out - numbering will be determined by the Association in accordance with established inventory guidelines.

Care & Maintenance

Each Team is responsible for the care and maintenance of the NW Warriors jerseys provided by the Association. Jerseys must be kept as a colour set for the duration of the season and all jerseys in a set shall be under the care of one individual at all times – individual jerseys are only distributed to participants at games/events and are collected immediately after each game/event. The designated individual will bring the jerseys to and from games and care for the jerseys according to the following care instructions.

Jerseys shall be kept on hangers at all times and hung when stored. Jerseys should not be laid on top of one another when wet.
Jerseys shall be washed in cold water and hung immediately following the completion of the wash cycle. Jerseys should never be heat dried.
Modifications, Name Bars, etc.

Letters for the purpose of Captains and Assistants are permitted on official NW Warriors jerseys it is suggested that if a team wishes to use something other than tape, that sew on letters are used when affixed with a light basting stitch. Please do not use stick-on letters, these leave marks on the jerseys and damage the material.

Important: Special permission must be received from the Association for any modification to official NW Warriors jerseys – including name bars or any item wishing to be sewn on a jersey.


The Association will gratefully accept donations from anyone wishing to purchase sets of jerseys. Official NW Warriors jerseys can only be obtained through the Association in accordance with the Jersey Policy and become property of the Association.

Updated: September 1, 2016

Created: September 1, 2014