Financial Management Policy

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Westwood and Crowchild Hockey Associations (Association) through the Northwest Warriors operations committee govern all Northwest Warriors (NWW) hockey teams. Registration fees paid to the Association entitle a participant to be a member of a NWW team. The Association provides teams with game jerseys, practice ice, Hockey Calgary registration, Hockey Canada insurance, and participation within Hockey Calgary league events and playoffs.

Each NWW hockey team is financially responsible for its own financial activities. The Association is sensitive to the financial challenges of playing hockey therefore while the Association does not restrict the types of costs teams may occur all teams must adhere to the approved instructions for managing team finances as outlined in this document.

Budget: The team must have a budget in the event the team is planning on having additional activities or purchasing items not included through fees paid for registration. For the sake of budgeting team expenses should be broken into the following two categories.

Type 1: Common hockey expenditures: additional practice ice, exhibition games, tournament fees

Type 2: Value-added hockey expenditures: team apparel, fee-for-service coaching, team building, social events, travel costs and other expenditures not listed in Type 1.

Approvals: The team budget must be provided to all team member families and approved by a two-thirds (2/3) majority where all families have voted on the budget. Any expenditure items not included in the original budget must be approved by the team in accordance with this approval requirement.

Cash Calls: The cash call maximum that can be required in a hockey season from a family is $150. The amount of a cash call must be appropriate for the budget approved by the team. Cash calls cannot be made in the absence of an approved team budget. If cash call funds are used to fund Type 2 expenses as outlined above, parents will be provided a chance to confidentially opt-out of those expenses and receive that portion of their cash call back.

Any additional team financial needs shall be met through fundraising and fundraising activities shall not be used as a type of cash call. This means that families cannot be required to purchase fundraising items or unsold tickets in the event of a raffle.

Reporting: A team financial update, showing revenue and a breakdown of expenditures shall be provide to all team member families twice during the season – one during the month of December and one during the month of March.

Fundraising: NWW teams may fundraise to meet the needs for approved expenditures. All funds raised through fundraising activities shall be deemed the property of the team, this a regulatory requirement.

Individuals or organizations contributing to a team can be recognized by the team publicly; however permission must be received from the Association if a contributor wishes to make use of the NW Warriors logo. Additionally, modification to official NW Warriors jerseys is prohibited. (More information regarding jerseys and sponsorship can be found in the Jersey Policy.)

Disbursements: In the event a team has funds remaining once all of the team’s expenses have been paid, there are two options available for disbursement. Any disbursement must be agreed to by a two-thirds (2/3) majority all families.

1. An amount equal to no more than the total amount paid for cash calls can be dispersed to each family. AGLC Regulations require that unspent funds achieved through fundraising must be dispersed to a charity or not for profit organization.

2. Donate unspent funds to a charity or not for profit organization. If the team wishes, the Association can direct such funds to an appropriate place on behalf of the team.

The Association urges careful consideration when planning for team activities that will create a financial demand on team members’ families. The Association asks all association members to be respectful of the individual situations and privacy of team members’ families.

Document Origin: NWW Cash Call Guidelines, created September 2013

Updated: July 2016

Published: Oct 2016