Evaluation Grievance Process

The Evaluation Grievance Process is set in place to provide a procedure to address the concerns of the members of the Northwest Warriors Hockey Association in relation to the evaluation process of team placement of an individual player/goalie.

All conflicts will be directed to the Age Group Coordinator and, if applicable, Goalie Coordinator/Director, with a copy to the Age Group Director in writing. The initial contact may be via face to face or person to person via phone, however, all grievances must be in writing on the applicable Evaluation Grievance Form in order to be considered. No action will be taken if form is not complete.

Following is the Evaluation Appeal/Grievance Process:

Step 1. Complete Northwest Warriors Grievance Form on the NWW website, and submit a $40 non-refundable fee.

Payments of cheques: Cheques should be made payable to Crowchild Hockey and dropped off at the Crowchild Twin Arena to the attention of: Northwest Warriors Grievance

Step 2. The Age Group Coordinators/Directors will

1) confirm that the payment has been received,

2) review the grievance, talk to the affected parties, and document further findings,

3) make a ruling, document the ruling, and respond back to the griever in writing.

Step 3. If the griever does not accept the decision of the Age Group Coordinators/Directors, and wishes to further pursue the appeal, the Age Group Directors will forward the grievance, and all relative details for review by the Evaluation Appeal/Grievance Committee.

Step 4. The Evaluation Appeal/Grievance Committee will meet to review the grievance, and the evaluation results, and all information relative to the grievance.

The Committee will include the applicable Age Group Director, the applicable Age Group Coordinator, the Goalie Coordinator/Director, if applicable, the Evaluation Director, and other subject matter experts as deemed necessary by the Evaluation Director

The Committee will make a ruling, document the ruling, and respond back to the griever both in writing, and in a face to face or person to person via phone call.