Equipment Policy

Equipment deposit cheques ($350) must be submitted to the Crowchild arena office by October 31st if you have not done this already. Failure to comply will result in the suspension of practice ice times. The cheques will be cashed, but the $350 will be reimbursed back to the team after all the jerseys and equipment has been returned at the end of the season. Cheques are to be made payable to Crowchild Hockey.

It is required that all jerseys need to be kept together in the jersey bags provided during equipment handout. If jerseys are kept by individual players in their hockey bags, they have a higher chance of experiencing more wear and tear (e.g. contact with skates). It is the main objective of NWW to preserve the life of these jerseys for several seasons.

Below are the costs associated with missing or damaged items that are not returned at the end of the season which will be deducted from the amount of your team equipment deposit. These costs have been agreed and approved by NWW.


NWW Away Jerseys - $75 each
CHA & WHA Jerseys - $75 each
Atom atoMc Jerseys - $50 each
Novice NHL Jerseys - $50 each
Tyke Timbits Jerseys - $40 each
Other Equipment:

Pucks - $1.50/puck
First-Aid Kits - $40 each
Jersey Bags - $40 each
Puck Bags - $40 each
When in doubt of what you can do with the equipment it is always best to ask:

Thank you for respecting the policy.