Cell Phone Policy

Cellphone Statement:

Technology advancements have allowed cell phones and personal digital assistants (PDAs) to carry new functions such as cameras that allow users to secretly photograph objects in front of them while appearing to dial a telephone number. These devices are very popular and widespread. The ability to take photos without others knowing has raised significant concerns for members within our Association. Cell phones already take better pictures than most video cameras; cell phones eliminate the evidence (send and store the data / picture somewhere else), rather than storing it on the original device where it can be easily found. Unlike video cameras, these devices don’t require disguises or excuses to be brought into such sensitive areas as locker rooms, bathrooms etc. The potential exists for inappropriate/deviant use of camera phones by their operators photographing others undressing and showering in locker rooms or change rooms which in turn raises the potential danger of violating an individual’s privacy and this will not be tolerated by the Northwest Warriors. Therefore, the following policy will take effect immediately:


Cell phones, mobile devices, or any device with recording capabilities, including voice recording, still pictures, and video increase the risk for some forms of abuse or misconduct. As a result, the use of such devices in the locker rooms by players is not permitted at any Northwest Warriors event. If any player, parent, team manager or other parent or individual needs to access such a device, she/he must remove him/herself from the locker room. Coaches will be permitted use of cell phones. The one potential exception to this is in such unique circumstances as a victory celebration, team party, etc., where all persons in the locker room are appropriately dressed and have been advised that photographs or recordings are being taken.