All NWW Players will be evaluated based on the criteria below, which is a general guideline to each volunteer evaluator contributing to this process.


  • Positional play: the ability to see the play developing both offensively and defensively and moves to support the play, anticipates the play, understands his/her position, and is disciplined in playing his/her position for the better of the teams overall success.
  • The player understands the responsibilities of his/her given position on the ice.
    • Forwards:
      • Fore check and back check with a purpose. Uses proper angling techniques in order to take the puck from the opposition.
      • Wingers are in a posted up position at the hash marks for a break out pass from the defense when a break out occurs.
      • Centre’s are supporting the Defense in the defensive zone and join the offensive rush once the puck is turned over in the defensive zone.
      • Headmans the puck on the offensive rush to their open line mates and does not try and skate end to end with the puck if others are open for a pass.
      • Has their head up in the offensive zone and uses all players on his/her team to create scoring opportunities.
      • Doesn’t cheat or cut corners in order to get an offensive opportunity.
    • Defense:
      • Shows a strong awareness of where the opposition’s team is in all zones of the ice.
      • Plays a strong defensive position in front of defensive net and in the defensive zone corners.
      • Pinches on the offensive zone blue line when necessary but also is aware when not to pinch and backs off to play the rush coming towards them.
      • Makes strong passes to the forwards in all zones and uses his partner for D to D passes when necessary.
      • Uses proper angling techniques in order to take the puck from the opposition.
      • Plays the rush coming towards them skating backwards and good stick position.
      • Always plays with his/her head up and makes the smart, strong and reliable play.



  • Skating: Acceleration, speed, mobility, agility, stride crossovers, and pivots
    • Performs basic forwards and backwards stride.
    • Displays a strong skating stride which consists of bent knees, back slightly forward and head up.
    • Skating stride is a long and controlled full stride not short and choppy.
    • Strong balance and is not falling all over the ice.
    • Has the ability to stop in both directions.
    • Can turn both directions with or without the puck.
    • Pivots both directions with or without the puck.
    • Can skate backwards and can keep the play in front of them without having to start forwards then pivot to backwards.
  • Passing: Passing, receiving, and smart passes
    • Is able to give and receive passes on his/her backhand.
    • Uses teammates/unselfish.
    • Presents a good target to receive a pass.
    • Can control a pass on both his/her forehand and/or backhand.
    • Can make a strong cross ice pass to the intended target.
    • Passes are in an area where their teammate can receive it.
    • Makes eye contact with the intended target and does not just throw the puck into an area.
    • Passes using a strong passing technique and does not just slap at the puck.
    • Does the player use the boards to their benefit in order to get a pass to a player or to get the puck out of the defensive zone.
  • Puck Control: Head is up and sees the ice to make a play.
    • Good hands and can control the puck in tight areas and in traffic.
    • Protects the puck from the opposition.
    • Player keeps his/her head up while carrying the puck.
    • Is able to deke and make fakes in order to give him/her more room to make a good play.
    • Changes directions with the puck without losing control.
    • Is not checked of the puck easily.
  • Shooting: Power, accuracy, and quick release.
    • Uses proper technique for wrist shot.
    • Has the ability to raise the puck.
    • Shot has some velocity.
    • Do they select the best shot for opportunity? (Wrist shot, snap shot, slap shot)


All NWW Goalies will be evaluated based on the criteria below

General Philosophy

The goal is to ensure goalies are placed at the right level based on their skill and in doing so:

  • Secure an outside evaluation company or individuals that have knowledge of the goalie position and can evaluate goalies appropriately
  • Have the external evaluators run both technical sessions and evaluate the games
  • Communicate these results with the Goalie Coordinator(s) and have the Goalie Coordinator(s) communicate these results to the goalies/parents.


  • Goalie evaluations for all age groups will be coordinated by the Goalie Evaluation Committee.
  • The committee will comprise of the Director(s) of Evaluations and the Goalie Coordinator(s)
  • Results from session evaluations will be forwarded to the Goalie Coordinator(s), who in turn will provide the evaluation rankings to the Age Group Coordinators, Age Group Directors, and Director(s) of Evaluations.
  • Goalie Coordinators will communicate movement, and evaluation times/dates to the respective goalies.
  • Final goalie placements will be presented to the Team Approval Committee at the Team Lock meetings.
  • The Team Approval Committee is comprised of the following from each association: President, Director of Evaluations, respective Age Group Directors, and Coach Director.
    Outside Evaluators
  • A team has been chosen to evaluate the goalies for all levels for the 2018/19 season
  • They will run and evaluate technical skates and games for each level
  • Results will be forwarded to the Goalie Coordinator(s).
  • Any issues with the evaluation results will be directed to the Goalie Coordinator(s) who in turn will deliberate with the external goalie evaluators before rendering a final decision. There will be no communication between goalie parents and the outside evaluators

Declaration of Position

  • Novice – rotate players through goalie position
  • Atom – must declare goalie positions through hockey association, however, will not be designated as such on the Hockey Calgary roster
  • Pee Wee to Midget – must declare goalie position
  • Hybrid goalie and player declarations
    • Unfortunately this season we are unable to host this option as per Hockey Calgary.