NWW COVID-19 Relevant Information

***UPDATE OCTOBER 5, 2020***

Hockey Calgary Update: October 5, 2020

Includes new information regarding the TeamSnap Health Check (now not in use) and contact tracing.

The new symptom screening template based on AHS guidelines is below.  If a participant answers yes to any of the listed symptoms/questions, they are not to attend.

AHS Daily Checklist

Below is a simple cheat sheet/FAQ to go through!

Parents: Can I attend Hockey Today Cheat Sheet

What to do if you are infected with COVID, have COVID symptoms, are exposed to COVID, or have questions!

COVID-19 Cheat Sheet

On this page we will list relevant information regarding COVID-19.  Please check periodically for updates.

Please read through the most recent Presidents' message.  It includes information regarding team formation, facilities, and a preview of the development season.

Presidents' Message: September 29, 2020


Return to play guidelines and COVID protocols are below, please check back periodically as these may change!

RTP and COVID Protocols Aug. 17


Printable version of the TeamSnap Health Check



Hockey Calgary Return to Play Guidelines

This includes information on gameplay for each individual age group (U7-U18) including recommended: ice surface usage, game length/period times, officiating/penalties, and recommended number of games.  Please remember that all guidelines are superseded by our facility regulations.

Guidance on return to play, cohorts, masks, physical distancing: Coach Requirements- Development Season


Development Season Gameplay Guidelines


Physically distant coaches must be identifiable to their players and must remain 6 feet away from anyone in the cohort at all times.  They are best identified with a mask, however lanyards to identify the coaches may be provided for the younger age groups.  For more information contact our administrator.


U9 goalies will be provided equipment to be shared within their cohort, below is guidance on cleaning best practices.  Each goalie bag will come with the mentioned Lysol spray:

U9 Goalie Equipment Cleaning Procedure

NWW Facility Information

NWW Facility Covid-19 Rules
Updated: October 10, 2020
Arena Crowchild Twin Brentwood Triwood West Hillhurst
Arrival Time 25 mins before 15 mins before 15 mins before 20 minutes before
Ice Limit 36 skaters, 6 coaches 36 skaters, 6 coaches Up to 48 participants (all same cohort) 24 players, 4 coaches
Dressing Rooms 2 dressing rooms per rental/stands used as overflow 2 dressing rooms per rental, bottom row of stands as overflow 2 dressing rooms per rental 2 dressing rooms for rental
Spectators 1 per family, physically distanced- no children None 1 per player, physically distant in designated area (36 max) None
Livebarn YES- both arenas Yes- 10% code: d65a-3msp
Scorekeeper/Timekeeper 2 people total 1 per team None 1 per team