Process for Registration

Existing Participants (have either coached or played hockey before)

Login to the registration portal here: NWW ONLINE REGISTRATION

Look yourself up using your Name and Date of Birth OR HCR number.

Complete registration using the registration guide: How to Register

***If you can't locate yourself but have participated in hockey before, you may be located with another association (past teams etc.)  Please contact and we can get you transferred to the Warriors!***  We will need your full name and DOB to find you.


New Participants (new to hockey)

Creating your coaching profile is easy! Just log into the NWW Online registration portal here: NWW ONLINE REGISTRATION

Click 'Register Now' and choose the option to Register a New Participant.

Fill in the required information and choose the Coach Registration package to register!  There is a survey attached that acts as our coach application.

Once registration is completed you will need to complete the Respect in Sport-Activity Leaders program.  This is mandatory for all coaches!

  • Choose 'New to the Program'
  • Choose existing user (if you have completed the RIS-Parent)
    • OR choose new user- if this is brand new to you!


Volunteer coaches make up the backbone of our hockey program. Any person wishing to coach must submit a coach application to the NWW board regardless of whether or not they coached last season.

We hope that all coaches are willing to:

  1. Volunteer to be an evaluator during pre-season evaluations.
  2. Agree to a criminal record check when required. Police Check Directions
  3. Agree to enforce and abide by the Fair Play Code for Coaches.
  4. Obtain all required coaching certification prior to Nov 15.

Prior to each season, the NWW requests all coaches to attend the Coach Meeting- DATE TBD.

Each year, we conduct an evaluation of our coaches. Coaches are entitled to review a summary of the evaluation forms upon request.


The NWW will reimburse coaches for required certification provided that:

  1. The courses were approved by the Director of Coaching prior to taking the course.
  2. Courses were successfully completed and appropriate evidence of attendance and payment is submitted prior to Dec 15.


The NWW encourage non-parent volunteer coaches. Please submit an application if you would like to coach this season.


For more information you can contact the persons below:
Mike Good: Email

Colin Forbes: Email

Chris Yee: Email


Where to register for a course:

How to register:

  • Fill out "Find Your Clinic" at the top by selecting Hockey Alberta and Hockey Calgary under organizations.
  • You can sort by category or dates on the left hand side of the page
  • Select your course from the menu!

To determine which course is needed please refer to the chart below.

ALL COACHES must have an up to date Respect in Sport- Activity Leader course and a recent (within 3 years) Criminal Records Check.


*Respect In Sport - All registered team officials must be certified in the Respect in Sport - Coach Edition (not to be confused with the parent course).  The old Hockey Canada Speak Out Abuse & harrassment program certification is grandfathered and equivalent to Respect In Sport - Coach Edition.


**Hockey Canada Safety Program - One registered team official must be certified in the Hockey Canada Safety Program and MUST BE IN ATTENDANCE AT ALL GAMES.  Hockey Canada Safety Program certification has not changed other than it is now an online course.


***Coach 1 & 2 - Timbits teams must have two registered team officials certified in Coach 1. U9 Head Coaches must have Coach Level 1.  All head coaches of U11 nd above teams (other than AA & AAA) must have completed Coach Level 2.


****Checking Skills - All head coaches of U11 and above teams must have completed the Coach Instructional Stream - Checking Skills certification. 

Deadline to complete your certification is November 15, 2021


Coach Certification Approval and Reimbursement

All approved courses will be reimbursed by the association.  Teams will be contacted directly by the administrator with a list of courses that need to be taken in order to certify their team.

Once the courses are complete all receipts should be submitted to the team manager.  All teams will submit their receipts together after November 15 to the administrator.  Reimbursement will be issued directly to each coach and arrangements will be made for pickup.

The deadline for submission is December 15.  Any receipts received after this deadline will not be reimbursed.  Please note that only approved/necessary courses for a team will be reimbursed.  Coaches are free to take as many courses as they want but the onus will be on them to cover the expense.

If you have any questions regarding this policy please contact Fiona at