NWW Apparel Policy

Teams are free to source non-jersey apparel from any supplier. The Association respectfully requests all teams give our chosen suppliers a chance to earn any team apparel work.

NW Warriors recognized supplier is Tuxedo Source for Sports

On-line Ordering: tuxedo.itemorder.com

Sales Code: NWWarriors

The NW Warriors jersey is based on the Columbus Blue Jackets standard white or navy jersey. The colour scheme is:

Primary Colours - Navy & White

Accent Colour(s) – Red

Any apparel displaying the NW Warriors logo should have a colour scheme consistent with the team uniform colour scheme.

Teams are not permitted to source their own jerseys. The authorized source of Official NW Warriors jerseys is the Association. Only the Association is authorized to requisition Official NW Warriors jerseys from its chosen supplier(s).


Teams are welcome to utilize sponsors for purchasing team apparel. Sponsors are welcome to place a logo or company name on team apparel items in a tasteful way. Unless approved by the Association at no time should there be text suggesting, or logo placement suggesting, that a sponsor of team apparel is directly associated with the Association.

Sponsors wishing to be a contributing partner to Northwest Warriors Hockey can contact the Association directly to discuss opportunities for partnership with the Association.

Update: September 1, 2016

Created: September 1, 2014