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Northwest Warriors Logo Contest

Northwest Warriors Hockey was created in 2012 from a partnership between the Westwood Warriors and the Crowchild Blackhawks hockey programs. When the two groups came together, the logo, name and colours were created based on the original organizations. The Westwood teams were known as the Warriors and team colours of navy blue and white, with green trim. The Crowchild teams were known as the Blackhawks, with a logo using the Blackhawks avatar and team colours of red and white, with black trim. The result was using the using colours of navy blue and white, with red trim, a team name of Warriors and the Blackhawks logo framed by the name of the program. We have decided to give our logo an updated fresh new look, while keeping our connection to the history of NW Warriors incorporating a new centrepiece within the existing logo design.


To achieve this, we will be holding a logo design contest. We want to hear from YOU the members the of Northwest Warriors community to provide ideas. With your help, we hope to have something new to be used moving forward, hopefully starting to implement as early as the 2019-2020 hockey season.


The Rules:

  • Open to all ages of community members, and select artists.

  • Logo utilizes our existing colour scheme.

  • The submission will be submitted in digital format and in high resolution, using one of the following file formats: .pdf (with 300 dpi or higher), .jpeg, .eps, .png

  • Submit via email to

  • Deadline for submission is Thursday, January 31st at 11:59pm (Mountain)


Submission Requirements:

  • the name of the artist,*

  • the resident address of the artist,*

  • completed statement of authorization that the artwork is the creation of the submitting artist, and

  • description, information and/or explanation on inspiration for the design, including if the design was inspired by any existing logo. Disclosure of this last point is important, it will not exclude the logo for consideration, it allows NW Warriors to investigate and ensure the logo can be utilized without challenge of ownership or infringement of copyright.

* If requested, the artist may be required to provide proof of residency.


Ownership and Modification of Submissions

  • Northwest Warriors will be the owner of the chosen logo design, in its original form and any modified version.

  • Northwest Warriors may alter, modify or revise a submitted logo design as it deems necessary.

  • Northwest Warriors may copyright the chosen logo, regardless of copyright, the artist and any agents and heirs, forfeit right to ownership or trademark upon submission to the Logo Contest.


The NWW Operations Committee